Can the Chipbox work without the Pedal Booster?

Yes, the Chipbox performance chip and Pedal Booster throttle control module work independently of each other. Either product can be installed first and then joined by the other at a later stage.

Can the Chipbox improve my fuel economy?

Yes, we have tested our product on various vehicle types and found fuel savings by up to 12%. The fuel savings are based on ‘real life’ testing, due to the significant increase in power & torque your vehicle will require less throttle input to achieve cruising speed. Please see our customer testimonials in relation to fuel saving.

Performance Chip – How does it work?

Chipbox plug n’ play Performance Chip module – How does it work, in 10 easy steps.

Step 1 # All modern turbo charged vehicles use an ECU (Engine Control Unit) or ECM (Engine Control Module)

Step 2 # The ECU is essentially the ‘brain’ of the engine, it controls all the signals which make the engine work correctly

Step 3 # Some of the ECU functions include engine timing, temperature, fuelling and turbo pressure

Step 4 # The Chip Box ECU performance chip is an additional programmable control unit

Step 5 # The Chip Box is connected to your vehicles existing engine sensors via our easy to use wiring harness

Step 6 # Our performance chip is pre-programmed with the software for your vehicle and ready to be installed

Step 7 # Once connected, our Chipbox module “piggy-back’s” off your vehicles ECU and shares control of your engine

Step 8 # The Chip Box is able to optimize multiple aspects of your engine to ensure substantial performance improvements

Step 9 # Thanks to our unique design the Chipbox is undetectable by your ECU or by your dealer via OBD (On Board Diagnostics)

Step 10 # Select your preferred ECU map and power level via mobile app with the easy to use graphical interface.

Can I install the unit myself?

Yes, our products are designed to be plug n’ play, they are supplied with a complete instruction manual. Certain older vehicle models require minor cable connections, contact us if unsure.

How will the Chipbox be installed in my vehicle?

The Chipbox is a physical “black box” or ECU unit, it will be plugged into various sensors in your engine bay via a custom wiring harness (supplied). No cutting or modifying of your existing ECU or wiring harness is required.