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Performance Chip – (How does it work?)

Author – Justin Goosen (CEO – ChipboxAU)

Chipbox plug n’ play Performance Chip module – How does it work, in 10 easy steps.

Step 1 # All modern turbo charged vehicles use an ECU (Engine Control Unit) or ECM (Engine Control Module)

Step 2 # The ECU is essentially the ‘brain’ of the engine, it controls all the signals which make the engine work correctly

Step 3 # Some of the ECU functions include engine timing, temperature, fuelling and turbo pressure

Step 4 # The Chip Box ECU performance chip is an additional programmable control unit

Step 5 # The Chip Box is connected to your vehicles existing engine sensors via our easy to use wiring harness

Step 6 # Our performance chip is pre-programmed with the software for your vehicle and ready to be installed

Step 7 # Once connected, our Chipbox module “piggy-back’s” off your vehicles ECU and shares control of your engine

Step 8 # The Chip Box is able to optimize multiple aspects of your engine to ensure substantial performance improvements

Step 9 # Thanks to our unique design the Chipbox is undetectable by your ECU or by your dealer via OBD (On Board Diagnostics)

Step 10 # Select your preferred ECU map and power level via mobile app with the easy to use graphical interface.



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